I let the wind steer me. I rose higher and higher, and felt the exhilaration of my flight. I was lithe, and I floated merrily. On a journey whose destination I knew not. From up here, the world looked beautiful. The wind was my companion. I laughed with it while it whispered comforting notes in my ear, even as it ruffled my hair and entwined its hands into mine. I loved the firmness of its grip- firm enough to hold me in its embrace, and delicate enough to let me float, my being intact. And then I floated into this beautiful garden. A man sat in the garden, gazing at the skies, dreamy-eyed. I floated towards him. The wind was suddenly still, as if anxious. But I floated merrily, and landed on his cheek. I broke his reverie. He took me gently in his hands and fixed his dreamy eyed gaze on me. The wind suddenly picked up strength and propelled me. I floated, crying and protesting. The man chased me. I wanted him to own me. The wind protested, but gave in to my tears. It quietened and I floated down and settled on a leaf. The man took quick steps and took me in his hands. He clasped his hands tight this time. I screamed from the pain it caused, but he didn’t seem to hear. He finally unfolded his hands, and there I was, crushed to my soul. He seemed upset. And then he just brushed me off his hands and walked away. The wind blew. It picked up my damaged being and propelled me on. I cried at the memory of that one moment I lay on the hands of a dreamy-eyed man…the magic of his gaze…the feel of his hands on my delicate being. He made me feel exquisitely beautiful.
But he knew not that the most beautiful things in life are just as delicate…as fragile’, whispered the wind.


5 thoughts on “Fragile

    1. I was sitting in my balcony, my thoughts dwelling on the fragility of relationships. And this milkweed came floating my way. And this is what it said to me 🙂 I guess it is when we become completely oblivious to ourselves that we hear all the things that nature whispers in our ear. And they are always profound 🙂

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