The movie that is life

You have got to dance like there is nobody watching,
Love like you will never be hurt,
Sing like there is nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth!

My life-I have always perceived it as a movie playing in the theater of my mind. A movie created from my perceptions. A movie whose central character is me…
A movie that has inspired and overwhelmed me the most.

As I go about living my life, I can hear music in my mind. An uninvited companion that accompanies me in all my journeys- through happiness, through sorrow. Quite like those warm background music scores that take us through the experience of a movie, breathing life into it- indiscernibly. Perhaps if not for this accompaniment, life wouldn’t be so beautiful. It is when this music fades away that I know that I have walked the wrong path…that I have deviated from the path of beauty.

This path of beauty- I have no clue where it leads. But I love walking this path and losing myself to it- to the experiences it takes me through. Not once do I want to pause to count the hardships or the sorrows endured; life is too short for that. Every time that I have lost something and wondered if I would ever get over that loss, life has surprised me. For life rises above all those losses and makes you realize that you cannot attribute the value of life to that one little thing that you lost…
Life is much more than all that.

Happiness flows into life yet again…love knocks yet again on the doors of life. It is just as overwhelming. And just as painful. Once again, you fall in love with the crystalline blue sky, the cool breeze and the rain, the trees and the birds. Once again, you find sunshine streaming into your life. You fall in love with life all over again…
And you fall in love with yourself.

Until then, you might never have known you could love yourself so. No, I don’t mean that shallow obsession with your superficial self. I mean that deep regard you develop for the soul you carry within you. For the first time, you begin to love that being within you- that being that was quiet all along, but rose at all the times you most needed it. That being that helped you stand up every time you fell. For the first time in life, you learn to look at your body as a temporary abode. You begin to see your dreams with clarity and you see the beauty of your dreams. You have now discovered within you the central character of your movie…
You begin to live up to the role of the profoundly beautiful central character of the movie that is your life.


Thus I shall live my life. And the phenomenal dusk of some distant day ahead shall see me walking towards the sea. The music would still play as I embrace death. All the sorrows and storms that I endured behind the screens will finally find their meaning. For I shall have left behind my own legacy.

Tomorrow on, I shall be a part of these glorious colors of dusk. I shall be one among the millions of stars in the sky. I shall have blended into the nothingness of this universe- into its infinity. I shall have blended into the nothingness of the souls who gave me my references in life, and who bid goodbye to the world much before me.

Tomorrow on, my soul shall find a new significance



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