A Perception

I can never really tire of my weekend journeys home. For me, these journeys are moments of creativity. I love the early morning landscape. It is as if the sun rays gently undrape the blanket of mist that covers a sleepy earth, slowly waking up to the warmth of the sun, basking in its golden rays. The landscape carved by the monsoons, the little chill that the wind and the rains bring, the semi-darkness that flaunts all the scenes that my eyes feast on, monsoon clouds that stroll across the skies, the birds, animals and insects that fill the ears with their cries of exhilaration, the pitter-patter of the raindrops, the tiny raindrops that the sky seems to occasionally sprinkle on my face gently…the songs that poets and musicians have composed in applause of nature…they all come alive within me, and form the perfect setting for a burst of creativity. I feel that my mind is like an overwhelmed monsoon sky, and the emotions are like the showers of rains that these skies send. All I want to do at that point in time is to tap all these emotions, just as the fields tap all the rainwater. But neither can I get my hands on a book and pen, nor can I sit comfortably and write. All I manage to finally obtain is a few precious words that are born abruptly from those emotions, which I hold in memory and write later. 

I must be in love. Love feels like a delicate butterfly that has taken niche in my hands. My hands hold this beautiful little creature, and when I take a look at its beautifully patterned, colorful wings, I am flooded with a joy that knows no bounds. And it is so delicate that I have to keep my hands rather still, while this beautiful creature flutters its wings on my hands. I have to stay still, despite all the excitement and thrill of being in love. I feel like this little child, whom God has given a butterfly for a present. And because God has given this, and because it is the most beautiful present that has ever been given to me, I am scared of losing it 🙂 

That I have to be still, reminds me of an old song from a movie centered on a girl who is dumb and falls in love, and is incapable of translating her emotions into the language of sound. It is as if nature sings for her this song:

“You possess an enigmatic beauty
that would instill music on any lips…
Millions of stars in the sky bow their heads
in reverence to your beauty…
The sky celebrates your beauty today
by playing the strings of the rainbow,
showering tiny sparkling drops on earth…
Listen to the baby birds cooing on earth
And the wind humming on a flute,
Today the world is in awe of you,
And this music is from its very soul.
Your serene silence fills
the insides of a golden conch…
All the emotions you conceal within your soul,
bloom as flowers…flutter as butterflies…
Today, this world is a dais
where it stages a performance
in applause to your beauty”

The greatest gift God has given to us human beings is the gift of ‘perception’, which is quite different from ‘sensation’. Love is not about compatibility or practicality. Love is a feeling that has to flow out of us, and we need to let it flow on its own course, guided by its own instinct, instead of orienting it to a specific cause or destination.


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