As another year unfolds…..

Another year draws to a close, marking the end of perhaps another chapter in this book of life. Each one of us would have our own stories to recollect, some sad, some happy. And thus we all move on, battling with adversity, licking our wounds, burying our scars, replacing them with new leaves that have sprouted from the scar, healing us and taking us a step closer to our souls. This is the whole process of life- this story of how we discover our true inner drives and unleash our souls onto the platform of this world, immortalizing our souls. At the end, it is only our creation and contribution that outlives our mortal selves and reaches out across time and space. For me, it is words. My words are my mind…they are my soul. And until the day I carry this mind, I shall recreate my mind on the canvas of this earth with my words. Through my words, I hope to be perceived….long after I am dead. I hope to communicate and to make a difference to any lost soul who can find comfort in my words. It is my tribute to this precious gift of life.

Looking back at this year, it has been a peculiar mix of experiences. The early part of this year was a crucial phase in my life because it was the answer to all that I endured in the course of the last 5 years. And I was rewarded. It was a sweet reward, simply because it was a moment which made every trying moment of the last 5 years worthwhile. And thus, I finished my post graduation in style, zealous and eager to jump into the next phase of my career. It was not ambition which drove me towards the next phase, it was energy and insight. It was perhaps the first time I felt I had come this close to the intricacies of the human mind, and I really wanted to put my insights to good use. And yet again, I stumbled. And this time, I knew I could not get up on my own. It was only with the help of my friends that I could manage to finally make a comeback to life. When I did, I was able to finally decipher what life was trying to tell me, and I could see the direction I needed to take.

People have always been an important part of my life. And every age group has a different role to play…a different significance in my life. Together, they complete the emotional need in me. I love children. They represent to me a natural world, driven by emotion, instinct and curiosity. No other world can replicate the purity of the world they create. Sometimes, when one is in the middle of complicated problems and responsibilities, it helps to just spend some time with children. They take you with them. You are suddenly able to relax your guard, shed off your responsibilities and become a child yourself. You drift to another world, devoid of the sophistication and complexity of the adult world. The best thing is to have kiddo friends who will let you into their world. The adolescent world and the youth have a different place in my life. They represent more of an outlet to me. Even in these times, it is possible to be a reference to them. In the course of my career as a teacher, what I have noticed is that they are in need of a strong reference- a reference who represents a personality that symbolizes happiness and contentment. If you can be such a reference to them, then you can significantly influence them and mould them, for they aspire to follow your track. They will look up to you, spend time with you and make you feel loved, cherished and immensely valuable. And then you have your own age group. You are bound to them by the commonality of the problems you deal with. It is a very unique bonding coz they will make you feel that you are not alone. But the people I love the most are the elderly. Those old and wise people who alone have the ability to read your silences, shoulder your burden and show you perspectives that can only come from experiencing the crux of life. I miss their presence in my life. Their presence had the feel of a hearth that could keep you warm on a cold night. Somehow, with them, your deepest secrets were safe, your worst flaws were acceptable, and your insecurities were laid to rest. With them around, it always felt like everything was going to be alright again. I always feel they were the pillars of society. Sometimes, I wonder if we will ever be able to substitute them when we are old.

We are a lonely society today. The only difference between solitude and loneliness is that the former is felt in the absence of people while the latter is felt in the presence of people. This year, I hope I go back to being with the people who I call friends, but in reality, are my family. I hope we light each others’ lives with warmth and togetherness. On that note, let me end this post, wishing you a happy new year! May the year ahead be enriching and insightful!


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