Walking through the lanes of my mind

It is a precious day. I stir in bed as the warmth of the sun rays cuts through my sleep. I open my eyes just a trifle, only to be greeted by the blinding rays of the 9 0’clock sun. Today, there is fury in the rays of the sun, for it is 9 0’clock and I am still in bed. But I close my eyes again, ignoring the blazing temper of the sun. For today, I can lie in bed for as long as I want to; I am home alone.

I cannot remember the last time I was home alone. But lying in bed, with every muscle and nerve relaxed, I wonder if I could ask for a better deal. 
When I finally wake up, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Hair disheveled, eyes sleepy- I love this reflection. For it is that of a child- the sweetness of sleep lingers in my eyes, and there are no lines of stress.

I get into the chore routine of the day, but there is no rush, for I am home alone, and I have the whole day to myself.
It is a day to feel- feel at my own pace, feel all that comes my way…feel what I want to feel. And it is a day to remember.
I make myself a strong cup of tea, and recline on a chair, holding the cup with both my hands, taking slow sips. I love everything about this simple indulgence. It floods me with a joy that I can’t find in the regular routine of my life. The warmth, aroma and flavour of the tea floods my senses and soothes my mind.


I get back to my chores. It is not a day to rest, but then, there is no rush.

I open the door to the backyard- a routine that I must have indulged in, a million times before. But today, I see with new eyes the patch of green that greets me. Coconut palms and plantains, creepers and weeds- a wild patch of tropical green. I love the silence I feel, coz the silence is in my heart. Only in this silence, can I hear the rustle of the leaves, the song of the birds, and the hum of the bees. 
I see a world proud of its being. A gentle breeze blows, and coconut palms sway. Birds soar in the sky. Butterflies spread their colorful wings. I peer into the well, and see tadpoles gliding in the water. A mushroom fans out on the inside of the rim of the well. Cobwebs cling to the edges of leaves, and gleam in the rays of the sun. A mongoose disappears into its burrow. Sun rays chalk out bright and dark patterns on the earth. 


I suddenly sense the pride in every body and being…in every phenomenon that surrounds me. I sense the pride in creation. 
The world transforms into a stage, with all its performers and performances, while I walk through it. I feel like a spectator; the purpose of my life suddenly seems to ‘reduce’ to being a spectator to creation. I walk through this stage, awed and mesmerized. I rise within myself. This is a stage where I am within reach of the performers. I can touch and feel all that I want to.


The spell breaks, and I walk indoors.

I switch on the radio, to keep me company as I get on with the chores. I am tired of the collection of songs I have downloaded; I have played them so many times that I have outgrown their emotional component. I love the radio, because it is not under my control. It stocks goodies, and showers them on me unpredictably, while my heart soars each time with these unexpected showers of joy. 
Long-forgotten melodies play at random, and take me through bitter-sweet moments of my life…through paths I have traversed in the past…paths blurred by the passage of time, but tucked away in a precious pocket in the depths of my heart. The songs help me retrieve these memories. The beauty of time lies in its ability to transform pain into joy. There is a certain joy in looking back at all the pain that we buried deep within- over the years, it turns into gold. 
I love the fact that I can’t play these songs over and over again, until they lose their value for me. They remain a transient, valuable treat to me. 

Thus, the day passes. I love everything about this day. And yet, there is nothing that I have ‘specifically’ indulged in.
It is not a day of achievements or of meeting targets; it is a day of living life for what it is!


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