My relationship with words…

Words are fragrant with essence, and they open us to the limitless possibility of a world throbbing with beauty!


I have always loved language. Books were my earliest fantasy world. Language thus brought to my consciousness the beauty and joy in my perceptions of the world around me. The books I read, validated my perceptions. This was a relief because I found myself at a loss when it came to expressing the joy of those perceptions to the people in my life.
I slowly came to understand that language was not an assortment of words; it was a phenomenon that breathed life into words.

My brother once asked me- ‘What language do you think in?‘ I couldn’t answer that because whenever I tried to trace my thoughts, I would always feel that I thought largely in non-verbal language. I then realized that there is a non-verbal language that operates in all beings- a language closely linked to our instinct. Contrary to what we imagine, that language communicates more powerfully than the language of words. Language, to me, has often been a reflexive conversion of that language into the language of words.
My verbal language is rooted into my instinctive language.

Verbal language separated man from other beings on this planet. Man must understand that the aim of verbal language must only be to bring to consciousness the beauty and essence of the non-verbal language.

It must never alienate itself from the former; it must only be an extension of the former.


Nature has a language that communicates itself through its sounds, scents and colors, textures and more. It has both history and panoramic complexities of sentience we are at a loss to detect, much less describe, and its composition is communicated often so profoundly, beautifully. Countless poems throughout history have been written in humble attempts to write in words all that has been received.

Sadly, in the modern world, our education trains us to suit market driven objectives, and one can see the gradual deterioration of language, which translates to deterioration of a culture. With every step of this so-called development, we are taking a step away from our instinctive language- the one that roots us to this universe and connects us to the soul of everything on this planet. A slow death of the soul within for there is nothing to nourish the soul. A world sinking collectively into depression.

The loss of telepathy and empathy comes from all institutionalized forms of ”education” and ”training”. These are processes that temper ones mind much like a steel blade is made. It is hammered and pounded, and heated, and hammered and pounded, over and over, on and on… until it becomes a blade. It has been tempered and molded by the black-smith. And so the steely mind has been indoctrinated and inculcated into being left brain dominant, being likened more to a computing processor. This is a form of mind control conducted by well funded and organized institutions whose goal is to make you learn what they want you to learn, most if not all of it lies, for at the very least it is incomplete. It is not education, it is fractionalization and desensitization.

In this context, I cannot help bringing malayalam cinema into the picture. I feel that malayalam cinema helped me understand the true significance of verbal language. There is perhaps not a single day that passes without some thought pertaining to Lohithadas. When I think of the movies he made, the language was the soul of the movie. No doubt, the stories were all rich in essence. But it takes immense creativity to translate that essence into the beauty of script. I always get goosebumps when I play those dialogues in my mind. They have nourished my soul in ways that only personal experiences can. There are tears in my eyes when i think of that creative genius who was never given due credit for his work. But then, he achieved much more than that. I wish he had known. Malayalam cinema helped me preserve what we are all born with- empathetic telepathy, a faculty that we lose to the ways of the modern world in the so-called process of ‘education’.


As people segregate each other in the name of religion and a million other parameters, I wish they could see how they have abused this gift of language. ‘Religion’ is just a word.

No word was invented with the purpose of segregating or demoralizing people.

Remove the label if it does so. Recently, an acquaintance of mine was talking to me about her diagnosis. She kept labelling herself as ‘bipolar’. I told her that labels are just so that people have clarity when it comes to treatment. ‘But for you, it is a mental state. A state that is the result of the nature of interaction between your mind and the environment. And a creative mind is bound to go through such turbulence. So to you, it must always be a mental state….a state that doesn’t fit into the one dimension of a label such as ‘bipolar’. You must only think in terms of the external factors that must have precipitated that brief episode.’ She continues with the therapy, but i feel that she feels better about herself now.
Labelling, although inevitable, often ends up demoralizing and discriminating people.


And then we have politicians who use words to segregate us. If we couldn’t speak this language of words, our lives would be less richer, but we might not be fighting each other in the name of these issues.

Paulo Coelho has sensitively illustrated the significance and power of this non verbal language in his book, ‘The Alchemist‘. He refers to it as the language of the universe, a language that is as old as the earth to which we belong.


Perhaps that is the need of the hour. Help our children preserve this non-verbal faculty so that it is not wiped off from the next generation in the name of ‘evolution’ to adapt to the unnatural world created by man.


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