Said the touch-me-not:

I was sensitive. They touched me, and laughed as I recoiled from their touch. They were amused at my overt sensitivity to the slightest touch. It inspired them to repeat their act, celebrate my weakness, and walk away when they were finally bored of their act.
But they knew not that in their absence, I grew rampantly in the wild, celebrating the wilderness and the sunshine.

I grew where they couldn’t survive.

The wilderness was my home, and in the companionship of the wild plants that grew with me, I discovered my strength. In this wilderness, I celebrated the beauty of a world that was denied to them.



5 thoughts on “Touch-me-not

    1. Uday, there are these lines in a song from the old malayalam cinema ‘Aranyakam’- “Touch-me-not, do you know how much I love you?”
      The peripheral elements of society always have the most inspirational stories. They live lives of immense value. ‘Aranyakam’ is the story of a girl who is thrust into a world of loneliness very early in life. But instead of crying over it, she celebrates her solitude. Her companions are the forests, with all their wilderness. She learns to talk to them and share her joys and sorrows with them. To the rest of the world, she is eccentric and odd. They fail to see the vulnerability that she cleverly conceals.

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