The Rhythm of Life

The first imprint of rural life when I moved to Kerala:


This is life! Lost in my own paradise, resplendent with the simple joys of life…

Every morning, a tropical sun awakens this sleeping child from her dreams. On the way to work, a clear blue sky greets me. The trees that stand tall and proud, sway, as if in greeting. The river gleams in the golden rays of the sun.




With the river, my chemistry is very special, probably because it is so dynamic.

Sometimes it is still, as if lost in quiet reflection of a bygone era, of better times. At other times, it is caught up in its relationship with human life…

A slow-paced relationship with a distinct melody and tempo.

The storks position themselves in shallow waters of the river, stiff and grim, like soldiers on guard. The row-boats move at a slow, steady pace, and the fishermen cast their nets into the river. They are all in perfect harmony with each other- the sun, the trees, the breeze, the river, the storks and the boats, painting a picture of oneness.



I sometimes feel that we humans are the odd ones out- completely out of rhythm. We rush towards some invisible, formless goal. We rush, oblivious to all that surrounds us, oblivious to our own selves.

Many a time, we forget to live.

That concrete building that happens to be my workplace is only a false sense of security, contentment and happiness. It is powerful and imposing. It takes away my time from me. It takes away my freedom from me.

Money, traded for time and freedom.

When I leave that prison, there is a song in my heart. I drive slowly, embracing my freedom. I listen to my friends from nature, as they narrate the stories of the day, and they smile. I smile back and thank someone up in the skies, for those few hours of oneness every day!


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