“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

When it comes to the human mind, we would realize that the external path of our life is quite simple, for it is a path  led by the conscious, and therefore predictable and defined. But when it comes to the unconscious, its paths are infinite. We fear treading on these paths for they are unfamiliar and uncharted. And yet, life exposes us to those moments when the conscious fails to sustain our spirits and we find our way into the abyss of the unconscious.

These are our true beginnings in this journey of self-discovery.

When we have picked up enough courage to explore these paths, we discover in these paths those profound revelations that give us insight into who we are, making this journey meaningful, fulfilling and unique.

This blog represents a journey through these paths and the insights assimilated thereby.

It represents those fleeting moments when the abyss of my unconscious is transiently illuminated, and I am able to capture in my words the profundity of this abyss and the beauty of its perceptions.

The articles in this blog are largely non-fictional. The category titled ‘fiction’ is also woven on a fabric of reality. They are based on insights gathered from my own life as well from the experiences of numerous people who have been a part of my life at some point in time.

I hope you will enjoy reading these articles. I also hope some of these insights will illuminate your own paths of self-discovery!

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